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Centralised content and communications management 
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iRiS Innovation

iRiS uses the latest development technologies, including HTML5 for maximum platform reach and native iOS and Android applications for optimum user experience, all built around the robust Microsoft back-end framework. iRiS' sophisticated Language Manager supports virtually any language, offering a truly global solution for the hospitality industry.

iRiS Manager forms part of our Guest Experience Platform (GXP) and manages translations, content, communications and reporting across all of our apps.

It solves the problem of managing multiple iRiS applications across a variety of touch-points within your hotel and it gives operators full control of the apps from any location and on any device via a web browser. iRiS Manager is essentially the framework which supports and powers all of our applications and utilizes the reliability and stability of Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure hosting solutions.


iRiS Manager key functions

Language Management

  • iRiS Manager has a sophisticated language system which supports virtually any language on both the Manager and the application, including right-to-left and character-based languages. This provides hotels with the means to communicate with their guests in almost any language.
  • One of the unique features of Manager is the automated human translation component. Our Language Manager is fully integrated with a specialist translation agency API and translations can be managed directly from the Content Manager providing human translation at professional agency level standards.

Content Management

  • The Content Management function offers full control of all content within all applications. Live updating is a key feature which allows for real time content updates.
  • It is highly flexible and offers the ability to customise the functionality of content.
  • An advertising and promotional component allows your hotel to control advertising within the apps and gives you the ability to promote external and internal services and products.



Operations and Communications

  • iRiS Manager allows your hotel to create an unlimited number of service centres where orders or requests can be processed, such as room service, concierge or housekeeping. Guests no longer need to wait on the phone and your staff can process service requests quicker, ultimately saving time for both guests and your hotel staff.
  • It allows alerts and notifications to be sent to multiple mobile phones to prevent orders from being lost or missed. Alerts can be sent via SMS/Email/Text-to-Voice. Allows feedback messaging to guests directly from iRiS Manager to the application.
  • The message system accommodates real-time translation of messages sent/received both ways, for example, a guest can request a taxi in Chinese and the request can be received by your hotel staff in Arabic.


  • iRiS Manager offers sophisticated metrics reporting and provides not only detailed reporting on services and orders, but also monitors guest activity across applications for detailed insights into customer behaviour.
  • It allows your hotel to track and measure staff performance.
  • iRiS Manager measures the number of impressions or click-though's per section/category/item. This allows your hotel or restaurant to effectively target external advertisers and place promotional advertising within applications to drive incremental revenue.
  • The system allows your hotel to measure the number of iRiS Mobile Valet downloads by guests, the number of registered and active users and which devices iRiS Mobile Valet is being downloaded onto.
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